STEM Outreach

 I fundamentally believe that scientists have a responsibility to share their research with the broader community and empower the next generation of scientists.

From my first semester at Cornell, I have been involved with STEM outreach through the Society of Women Engineers. Through numerous classroom visits and day-long events for Girl Scouts, I helped share my love of science with middle and high school students from the Ithaca area.

Coming to New Haven, I became involved with the Pathways to Science program administrated by Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. Alongside other dedicated graduate students, I helped to expand a once-yearly Engineering Day for New Haven middle school students into a vibrant program with events throughout the year for middle and high school students.

Last spring we expanded our outreach efforts beyond the New Haven community and hosted our first state-wide event, CT SEED. I am incredibly proud of the program we have developed and am committed to increasing STEM outreach efforts wherever I land after graduate school.

We make all of our outreach resources available on our website so that anyone, whether an educator or student, can repeat our activities and further develop and spread their love of science.